Welcome to the first edition of Lew Loves! I’m Lewis, the resident Gramovox music aficionado. Every Friday I’ll pick a record from my library and talk about why I love it so. First up, The Weeknd.

Before he was Mr. I Can’t Feel My Face, the Weeknd came out of nowhere with a mixtape titled “House Of Balloons”. Commonly abbreviated as HOB, the mixtape was this complete package that ran the gamut from slow burning bedroom jams to down tempo club music with a distinct twist—thinkwhat would happen if you mixed a little Michael Jackson with a whole lot of Portishead and a pinch of the Cocteau Twins.

Finding this album on vinyl was impossible for awhile because it was released as part of a limited edition “Trilogy” that included his other two tapes “Thursday” and “Echoes of Silence”. The re-release sold out temporarily due to demand and picking up my copy during that initial rush led to me hurriedly catching the train home so I could immediately get it spinning. This wasn’t remastered for vinyl but the quality is good none the less. Pick this up, pair with a fine red wine and cut a rug.

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