The Gramovox Holiday Choir


2014 has been a whirlwind for Gramovox. With an overwhelmingly positive Kickstarter campaign, an invitation to the Grammy's, and a spot in countless holiday guides including The Verge's Holiday Gift Guide, we've been incredibly grateful for all of your support this past year. This Holiday Season, Gramovox is giving back by helping to fight hunger in the Chicago area. We've partnered with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to create an interactive, donations-based experience we've dubbed The Gramovox Holiday Choir.

The Gramovox Holiday Choir is an interactive experience featuring twenty-three Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophones, each mounted to a custom choral riser and powered by a custom Gramovox iPad application. Our Bluetooth Gramophones—the choir—will sing when passersby donate at least $1 towards the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a nonprofit food distribution and training center that transforms one dollar into one meal for someone in need.

Each dollar donated through The Gramovox Holiday Choir will not only play one of 30 holiday classics, but also help fight hunger this holiday season. This project has been incredibly gratifying for us, and we are delighted to bring you the complete experience. If you are in Chicago this holiday season, we invite you to join us in the main lobby of Chicago's historic Merchandise Mart and fight hunger: 1 dollar, 1 meal, 1 song at a time.

To Donate to the Greater Chicago Food Depository Click Below:

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