Chicago’s Vintage Modern Movement


Gramovox’s hometown of Chicago is “emerging as one of the biggest markets for vinyl records in the city,” according to a recent Chicago Tribune article.

Three of Chicago’s record stores—Dusty Groove, Dave's Records and Laurie's Planet of Sound—are ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as among the best in the country, and vinyl sales might even hit a new record this year.

As the home of The House of Blues and the setting of The Blues Brothers and the audiophile rom-com High Fidelity, Chicago has long been a city of music and music-lovers, continued today through the burgeoning renaissance of old-fashioned vinyl—and through the Chicago-born Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone. It’s a vintage-modern movement that we are proud to be a part of.

And whether you Stream Nostalgia through your record player or your Bluetooth Gramophone, you’re a vital part of that movement too.

via Chicago Tribune

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