Grammy Awards 2014


Last January, the Gramovox team was lucky enough to be invited to attend the 2014 Grammy Awards. Grammy executives sought out CEO Pavan Bapu and asked for the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone to be showcased backstage for the event's high-profile attendees.

Top recording artists including Lorde, Steven Tyler, Macklemore, Peter Frampton and Daft Punk all got a hands-on, personal experience with the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone and were blown away by its style and sound. LL Cool J named it his favorite product of the Grammys.

"It was surreal," Pavan said. "Their songs are what we had been demoing on the Bluetooth Gramophone for months, and then to have them right there listening to their own songs saying it sounds amazing took it to a new level."

The Gramovox team is extremely grateful to the Grammys for this opportunity, and we are only too pleased to have been able to give these beloved artists, who have given us so much, such a unique and memorable experience.

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