The Sound Vol. 7: You Got Lucky


The Sound Vol. 7: You Got Lucky

A few weeks ago I texted my Mom. "I need a song for Lovers & Loners," the Valentine's Day playlist Gramovox puts out every year.

"Here's a few songs," she said. And then, "You should do a Lucky playlist! For St. Patty's." It was actually a really good idea, which doesn't come as a surprise. She is full of them.

I texted her back, "OK! But you have to make the playlist."

She sent over all of the gems: Tom Petty, McCartney, Madonna's Lucky Star, Rod Stewart (of course). We added a few, but the playlist retains the rock solid, Blarney Stone foundations it was built on. And here it is. Hand-selected songs from my Irish mother, from her to me to you.


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