How-to Assemble Your Bluetooth Gramophone 2.0

What’s in the box?

  • Steel horn
  • Walnut base
  • A Micro USB charger
  • International Adapters Included
  • Auxiliary cable
Retro bluetooth gramophone speaker (What’s in the box?)

Assembly Steps:

  1. Carefully place the walnut base on a stable surface.
  2. Insert the steel horn into the walnut base, ensuring that the pin in the tip of the horn slides into the slot. The logo on your horn should be centered. Warning: The horn does not lock into the base. Do not lift the Gramophone by the horn.
  3. To charge the battery, plug the Bluetooth Gramophone into a wall outlet using the included Micro USB charger.
  4. To turn the Bluetooth Gramophone on, flip the switch on the back of the walnut base. You will hear this sound when the Gramophone is on:

Charging the battery

The Bluetooth Gramophone has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for 15-18 hours on a full charge. You can monitor the status of the Gramophone’s battery by checking the color of the small LED light on the back of the wood base:

  • GREEN: Battery is fully charged.
  • RED: Power connected, battery is charging.
  • FLASHING ORANGE (SLOW): Battery is at less than 10%.
  • FLASHING ORANGE (FAST): Battery error. Please contact to troubleshoot.
  • You will also hear the following sound when the Gramophone’s battery is low:
Mini gramophone bluetooth speaker(Charging the battery)

Charging detailed in above video.

Warnings and considerations

Please be aware that the horn does not lock into the wood base. If you need to move the Gramophone from one place to another, we recommend removing the horn from the base, and holding the two pieces separately. Attempting to lift the Gramophone by the horn may result in injury to yourself or others and damage to the product.

We recommend that you keep the original packaging that the Gramophone arrived in for future transportation purposes. The walnut base is very susceptible to dings and scratches, and great care should be taken when transporting the Gramophone.

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