How to Play Your Records

  1. Unscrew the record clamp.
  2. Place your record over the felt mat on the platter, and lightly screw the record clamp back on.
  3. Turn the volume knob clockwise to power the Floating Record on, and wait for it to get up to speed.
  4. Remove the plastic stylus cover by pulling it straight up.
  5. Gently pull the cueing arm toward you in order to lift the stylus.
  6. Release the tonearm from its cradle and position it over the record to your desired track.
  7. Drop the stylus by gently pushing the cueing arm away from you.
  8. Use the volume knob to adjust to your desired volume.
  9. To power the Floating Record off, turn the volume knob counterclockwise until it clicks.
  10. Lift the stylus by pulling the cueing arm toward you, and be sure to place the tonearm in the cradle and the stylus cover on the stylus between uses.

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