Behind the Bar: The Ruby Sandal


Welcome to the second installment of Behind the Bar, our staff series for Mixology Month. I’m Marissa, Community Manager here at Gramovox, and I’d like to share my recipe for a refreshing spritzer that I call the Ruby Sandal.

At its core, a wine spritzer is simple: a little wine, a little seltzer, and a warm night to enjoy. The Ruby Sandal sweetens the recipe, using frozen raspberries to keep the drink chilled without diluting it. I added a twist with my special mixer: berry-flavored La Croix sparkling water. An added bonus: La Croix contains no sweeteners or calories!

The result is a delightful beverage that is sweet and fruity while remaining light and refreshing. It’s also a breeze to make– just remember to freeze the raspberries for a couple hours beforehand.

The Ruby Sandal is perfect for a quiet gathering or as a party punch, and can be modified to taste if desired. My prefered proportions are detailed below.


1 part mid-tier red wine
2 parts berry-flavored La Croix
1 heaping handful of frozen raspberries

Fill a wine glass just under ⅓ of the way with red wine. Slowly pour in the berry-flavored La Croix, leaving about an inch from the top of the glass. Top off with frozen raspberries and enjoy!

The Ruby Sandal is so called because it’s ruby red, sparkling, and ready for summer. In honor of its namesake story, I recommend this reinterpretation of “Over the Rainbow” by Jake Shimabukuro.

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