The Sound Vol. 4: Une Petite Fête


We hope Mixology Month has inspired you to experiment behind the bar with some of your favorite spirits and liqueurs. What better way to debut your imaginative concoctions and usher in the spring than with une petite fête (a little party)?

Every party needs the right aural ambiance, so for this month’s installment of The Sound we’ve curated a festive playlist that’s meant to be enjoyed with a cocktail in hand. Seduce the taste buds and eardrums of your guests with one of our staff cocktail recipes and the expertly blended fourth volume of the Gramovox playlist series.

We’ve carefully mixed essential musical ingredients together to create a stellar soundscape that will enhance the mood of your get-together, putting guests in the appropriate frame of mind and reinforcing the flavor of your libations. Featuring the sultry tones of Dusty Springfield, the coquettish cooing of The Marvelettes, and the smooth grooves of Funkadelic and James Brown, this high-spirited playlist offers a mélange of tunes that perfectly harmonize with a well-crafted drink.

Gather your friends, prepare a creative beverage, and stream celebration.

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